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Hola gives you the freedom to browse the web without censorship and to instantly play media files without waiting for them to download

Stream torrents instantly

Hola Media Player streams your torrent files instantly. No need to wait for a download

On all your devices...

Hola VPN works on all devices including PC, Mac or mobile. You can even use it on multiple devices at the same time. Hola Media Player is available on Windows (Chrome and Firefox)

More browsers and platforms coming soon

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Over 43 Million users are browsing the web securely, with freedom, and enjoying instant streaming of videos. And its free.

Hola player for publishers

Stream your videos in high quality through Hola's P2P network, without CDN costs

Eliminate CDN costs
Your users save you money. The more users view your content, the less your CDN is used.
Automatic subtitles
Your users enjoy automatic subtitles in their native language
No Buffering
With well seeded videos, your viewers will never experience buffering at almost any resolution.