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Tech Nova

Six Things You Need To Know Before Signing Up For A VPN Service

Business Leader

Digital nomads

Hola survey reveals lack of access to content from home countries still a challenge.

Tech User Magazine

The Age Of The Next-Gen Browser


VMblog Expert Interview: True internet freedom – Talking borderless internet with Avi Raz Cohen

Global Banking & Finance review

Research reveals use of web content tools is expected to grow as internet restrictions continue to tighten

Technology Dispatch


We all love to travel. New destinations, fresh experiences – these enhance us as people and make us better global citizens. There’s planning involved for sure, but even that can be an exciting process. Finding the right hotel or the exact tour you need can be exhilarating.

Business Wire

Hola Launches New Features For Its Innovative Browser To Broaden Borderless Experiences

“As we watch the crisis in Ukraine unfold, the need for safe, free and open access to public web content has never been greater,” explained Avi Raz Cohen, Hola’s General Manager


Así puedes ver películas o series de Netflix aunque no estén disponibles en tu país

En Internet tenemos disponibles una gran variedad de apps que llevan a cabo esta función. HolaVPN es una de ellas, y es una de las más populares en su campo.

Walla Tech

Are VPN services Russia’s last hope for uncensored free internet?

"It's like the yellow pages of yesteryear. Putin is interested in producing yellow pages that work only in Russia", says Avi Raz-Cohen, General Manager of Hola

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