India software developers, international quality deserves international salaries

Do you have a friend who is a talented JS software developer and want to win $7,000?

Hola, an Israeli start-up, is recruiting developers in India, and is offering a reward equal to 469,000 rupees to whoever helps find new talents that will be hired.

While most foreign hi-tech companies have adapted their salaries to the local standards, Hola has decided otherwise.

“Our biggest asset is our team of tech talents, and there are some tremendous tech talents in India,” said Limor Kidron, vice president of HR at Hola, “Hola is not adjusting its compensation packages to the local wages. Instead, we are paying what we believe these tech talents should be getting in an international environment.” Hola is a hi-tech company renowned for making the Internet faster and more open.

“Our company builds sophisticated technology, so the talents the we hire are key to our success,” said Ofer Vilenski, CEO and Co-founder of Hola. “We’ve already recruited employees in Norway, Canada, Russia, and Singapore, and now are looking forward to our first hires in India.”

Hola was launched in 2008, and aims at making the Internet faster with its content distribution network (CDN) service, with many clients located in India. The company is also popular for offering a free, peer-to-peer virtual private network (VPN) to more than 60 million users.

The multiple benefits offered include high compensation packages, stock equity, working on leading edge technologies and products, and the opportunity to work with a team of international talents.

“The type of professionalism we expect is similar to the dynamic of a sports team,” explained Ofer Vilenski, Hola’s CEO. “Every team member brings a tangible, individual contribution to the success of the whole team.”

If you know of a developer who is a good fit for Hola, send their contact details to