Humans of Hola: Meet the Team

Behind Hola's products, there are humans collaborating to deliver disruptive technologies. Each member of the team has their own story, with dreams, beliefs, and memories they particularly care about.

After introducing the project Humans of Hola on our Facebook page, we are now presenting it on our blog.

“There are some people in the world who think they can control other people. For instance, they think they can decide what people can see and cannot see on the internet. At Hola, we’re working to allow users to access all the information they want, from anywhere in the world; we’re giving them freedom. Our ultimate goal is to build a product that will help others.” Arik, Developer

“A start-up is not just a regular company, it’s a community. I came here from the States and found a welcoming and friendly environment. I’m vegetarian, so the chef makes a special lunch for me every day. I had this vegan lasagna the other day…” Noa, Sales Development Representative

“She’s teaching me a new programming language for dogs.” Or, Product Manager

“It’s not just what you do — it’s how you do it. What makes Hola unique is the way we adapt to circumstances that change every single day. Every morning, I walk into the office, and I know that I’ll have to look at my job from a new perspective, and push my team to do the same. It’s exciting, because you continue learning new things.” Nir, R&D, Director of Operations

“I’m in charge of recruiting new developers. In the past four months, we’ve been in touch with 7,000 different applicants! I get very excited every time I find a female programmer. There are not many of them out there, so I’m always hoping to encourage more women to pursue this career.” Mel, Recruiter

“I grew up in China, but I live and work in Singapore. I was approached by Hola's elite dev hunter; many of my friends were using the Hola unblocker, so I was excited to work on such a renowned product. After several rounds of interviews and online training sessions, I flew to Israel for a three-week boot camp. It was an amazing experience. What I love the most about Singapore is that you’re never left starving: There are thousands of cafeterias and restaurants open 24/7. Sometimes you see people having dinner at 4 in the morning.” Boyang, Developer

“I’m working on a new proxy network. It’s going to be D2D, it means ‘dog to dog’.” Shpitz, Research & Development

“At Hola, working hard means playing hard. One minute I’m setting up a meeting with one of our customers in China, one minute later I’m having an ice cream sandwich from the machine.” Netanel, Sales at Hola CDN

“What’s your favorite part of the job?” “When someone tells me, ‘It’s the best thing I’ve ever tasted’.” Merav, Chef

Her: “My favorite part of the job? The people. I found some of my best friends at Hola.”
Him: “We were at a company weekend on New Year’s Eve in a fancy hotel, and everyone played a team game, like ‘The Amazing Race.’ We had to travel around the country and accomplish these different missions…”
Her: “It was awesome, but my team lost.”
Him: “Because you were not on my team!”
Ella and Vadim, Biz Dev Team

“I’m taking ten minutes off from work to play ping pong with my friends, and then I’ll be so much more focused and productive.” Samuel, Customer Success Manager at Hola Luminati

“About three years ago, a friend forwarded me a C coding challenge launched by Hola. I completed the challenge, and I think I was the first person from abroad who was invited to do an interview with the company. I was offered a position as a software developer. For three years, I’ve been working for Hola from home, in Oslo, Norway, where I live with my wife and kids. I like the freedom of remote work, so with Hola I can live in the place I choose and work from anywhere.” Mikhail, Senior Software Engineer

“She’s called Nella.” Michal, Project Manager

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