JavaScript code challenge has ended

Thanks to all participants! See results

You can find all submissions and the benchmark in the GitHub repo. Note that your results might differ from ours due to another Node.js version, faster or slower computer, etc.

If you have suggestions for improving the benchmark, by all means submit a pull request, so that we can use the improved procedure in the upcoming challenges.

We use nicknames instead of real names to protect privacy of participants. If you explicitly do want your name, email etc. to appear in the results then please contact us.

The challenge: make strftime 50x faster than original JS
(and 25% faster than GNU libc strftime)

Make strftime as-fast-as-possible, and at least 50x (5,000%) faster than original JS.

Your version should support the same API and features as the original code:

You're free to use that source as the base of your solution.



Why are we doing this

There are very few programmers that we think are great, and we'd like to know them.

If interested, we'll invite you for an interview.