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How can I benefit from a VPN on my device?

Worldwide access

Many streaming services impose geographical restrictions. With Hola VPN you can access any streaming service you want without worrying about blockages or restrictions.

Speed matters

Use Hola VPN to avoid staring at the buffering icon. It will protect you from bandwidth throttling, data caps, and loading screens.

Always secure

Keep your streaming activity private and secure. Hola VPN will encrypt your connection, give you a new IP address, and hide your real location.
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Amazing VPN

Amazing VPN, one of the best at the moment on the market.

Jelena • Oct 29, 2021

Hola vpn is amazing! 5 stars...

This works insanely well if you want to unlock shows on netflix itallows you to get spongbob sponge on the run. I'm using the freeversion and it does the job!

Carson • Sep 10, 2021

This actually works

This actually works. I have been looking for a working vpn andfinnaly found it

Jan • Jul 03, 2021

Totally free, totally fast, totally anonymous.