Nov 28, 2021

Want to watch TV & movies from anywhere in the world from your couch? HolaVPN is now available for FREE on Amazon Fire TV & Fire Stick! Yes!

Yulia Diker

A VPN for Amazon TV & Fire Stick? 

Yes, finally! HolaVPN has made it to Amazon, baby!

Our app is designed to match your Amazon Fire TV perfectly. The native app interface makes everything--from setup to connection super easy to VPN-- extremely easy. 

2 reasons to use HolaVPN for Amazon TV immediately:

#1 Stream with total freedom for international content without location restriction & with zero bandwidth limits

With HolaVPN, you will seize the full potential of all streaming apps on Amazon Fire TV. Sometimes, living in a specific part of the world might mean less online content. No longer! All the content in the world is now at your fingertips, whenever you want and as much as you want.

#2 Improve the speed of your connection-- No more throttling and slow connections.

Hardly anything can be more annoying than the latest episode of your favorite show getting interrupted. Internet service providers (ISPs) don’t like data-heavy activities, especially streaming. This results in video buffering. You can bypass throttling and get a smooth Fire TV Stick experience by using HolaVPN for your Amazon Fire TV.

How to get HolaVPN for Amazon Fire TV in 3 easy steps:

Step 1: In the home screen, click Find and search for Hola VPN

Step 2: Click on the Hola VPN icon

Step 3: Click “Get” to install, wait for the installation to finish, and launch the app

Go for it! It’s absolutely free, no account registration required & and truly unlimited.

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Access Worldwide Content.

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