There’s no place like home, thankfully, with the Hola Browser, you can experience it from wherever you are

Sometimes you just miss home. With travel and migration numbers heading towards pre-pandemic numbers, your home doesn’t need to feel far away. With the Hola Browser, home can be a simple click of a button.

Jonathan Zurel, Global Communications Manager at Hola

May 03, 2022 · 5 min read

With mask mandates being relaxed or done away with entirely, travel numbers are set to increase - and yes, just in time for the much-needed summer holidays! That said, travel or movement of populations are often about more than simply seeking out the sunshine for a well-earned break. We’ve gone from pandemically-reduced travel to other geopolitical upheaval in some of the busiest air routes, smack in the middle of Europe. 

According to the UN, the estimated number of international migrants worldwide increased in the twenty years between 2000 and 2020, reaching 281 million in 2020. This figure is up from 248 million in 2015, 220 million in 2010, 191 million in 2005 and 173 million in 2000.

These numbers include the drop in migration due to the start of the pandemic, but obviously do not include the rise in migration due to the ongoing war in Ukraine. It would be reasonable to assume that migration numbers for 2021-2022 will be impacted by this - it is indeed a sad reality.

When it comes to leaving one’s homeland, there are always certain things from “back home” that are bound to be missed. Whether it is your mom’s home-cooked meal, watching your hometown football team play or keeping up to date with what’s happening to the storyline in your favorite long-running TV show - these things are what can make adjusting to a new home a little easier. 

Even the most stoic among us often have that visit back home planned in the back of our minds - time and budget permitting of course. We are only human, sentimentality, melancholy and nostalgia are part of who we are. In lieu of that trip back, what can be done in the meanwhile? What actions can somebody who has traveled, migrated or immigrated take to mitigate this longing? They’re much easier than you think and can make “back home” feel much closer, at the click of a button. Sounds cool right?

Ta-dah! This is where the Hola Browser comes in. 

First of all, did you know that where you are located can drastically change the flight prices you get shown when searching online? Over-and-above that, it can even impact the flight options you get shown? With the Hola Browser, you get to change your location, without leaving your desk or sofa, so you get a fuller, more honest picture of what’s out there.

Secondly, if the game your football team back home is being shown on a local channel, but is blocked from being streamed where you happen to be located - you guessed it - change your location in the browser and get in on the action on your own terms!
And finally, the Hola Browser is completely community-powered. By using the free version, you will be sharing your network resources with those who need it, whether that be a fellow traveler, or somebody whose access to reliable content is being limited due to geopolitical reasons. For more information on the Hola community, click here.

Jonathan Zurel, Global Communications Manager at Hola

May 03, 2022 · 5 min read