May 17, 2022

Digital Nomads and the Newest Normal – How access to global online content plays a crucial role

Avi Raz Cohen, CEO, Hola

One of the things we’ve seen increasingly accepted and even encouraged, for better or for worse, is more flexibility when it comes to where we are permitted to work from. During the pandemic, our homes became our office, gym, cinema and for some of us, the school classrooms. Let’s be honest, it’s been challenging.

On the other hand, the concept of the “digital nomad” has become more widely adopted. Companies across the world have allowed their teams to choose to work from home, or abroad - sometimes for months at a time. These are not just freelancers—it includes CEOs, artists, writers, programmers, teachers…the list goes on! 

In the U.S., in 2019, independent digital nomads (e.g. freelancers, contractors, etc.) outnumbered remote employee nomads. But during the pandemic, there was a “flippening”. In 2021, remote working digital nomads from the U.S. (10.2 million) far outnumbered independent nomads (5.5 million). 

Furthermore, countries accepting digital nomads have formalized the process by providing digital nomad visas. With global tourism still reeling from the effects of the pandemic, this will likely remain the case. And let’s face it, working from a beach, mountain top or hammock sounds pretty great, right?

At Hola, we believe that the internet itself should be viewed as a country, one without borders, open to all regardless of citizenship, passports or visas, with the best and most complete views imaginable. 

So what does this mean in practice for the growing number of digital nomads? Well it’s pretty cool actually - with Hola, no matter where you go, you take the content you want with you. Whether it’s the local series from back home, the football team’s upcoming games or even the online winter sales happening at your favorite store in your hometown - the content you get shown won’t be restricted in any way.

The internet as it exists today is full of roadblocks. These blocks can be implemented by your service provider or even governments. Why should you not be shown the best possible prices or content on the ENTIRE internet? Where you are, or to speak a bit of tech, your IP address, should not determine what content you are shown. Internet users should be able to get the full, global view of what’s on offer, irrespective of where they happen to be traveling or located. 

We believe in a borderless internet - for digital nomads, and travelers across the globe, this can mean the difference between total disconnection and staying in touch. The difference between paying too much and yes, having a few more pina coladas on that beach they’re lucky enough to be working from. Join the Hola community today!

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