Which VPN is good for me? A VPN guide

Paying for a premium VPN when all you need is to access your favorite TV show is almost as sloppy as attempting to browse anonymously with a free VPN and imagining that you’re fully protected. Knowing which kind of VPN you need is key for getting the best result at the best price.

Hola Writer

Dec 18, 2018 · 15 min read

Free VPN vs Premium VPN

If you’re looking to access that TV show, then Hola’s free VPN will be best for you. It’s not encrypted or anonymous, but it’s free. Check out our review on vpnetic.com. If you choose another VPN service for that, make sure they are committed to keep your privacy as Hola commits in its privacy policy.

If it’s an encrypted and anonymous VPN that you’re looking for, then you should use a secured VPN like Hola’s premium (paid) VPN.

Using VPN for full anonymity

To keep a totally secure connection requires not only to choose the right VPN, but also to use it the right way.

In his article to TechCrunch “WTF is a VPN?”, Romain Dillet wrote that “No, a VPN doesn’t mean that you’ll be more secure on the internet. It depends on the VPN server.” with the following explanation: “When you use a VPN to change your country, avoid censorship or protect your connection in a coffee shop, the VPN server at the other end can see all your network traffic. You’re just moving the risk down the VPN tunnel, and it can be quite dangerous if you’re not careful enough.” This means that using a private VPN helps to keep your privacy only when you use a secure internet connection as well.

VPN options

Learn more about the different VPN options available for you in the links and the comparison table below, and find the one that fits your needs the best.

External articles
Comparison table
Technical nameProduct examplesUse caseDownsideEncrypt dataRoutes all dataHides client IP from server
Onion RoutingTORExtreme IP and data protectionVery slowYESYESYES
Full VPNHola VPN PLUSExpressVPNPrivateVPNHigh IP and data protectionVPN servers know your IP, and may sometimes keep logYESYESYES
Unblocker VPNHola Free VPNProtonVPNChange website geography, fastest surfingNo privacy protectionPartialNOPartial
DNS VPNHola DNS VPNChange website geography, simple setupNo privacy protectionNONOPartial
Remote Access VPN (PPTP/IPSec)Trend Micro FirewallConnect to your workplaceDoes not protect your online surfingPartial (only workplace sites)NONO
Site to Site VPNConnect enterprise locations togetherDoes not protect your online surfingPartial (only workplace sites)NONO

Proxy options

Shared proxies

Use the IPs that originate from data-centers (aka ‘static IPs’) to anonymously access web resources with long and stable sessions and fast connections.

Residential proxy

Use the IPs of real people, from any location in the world and with a device of your choice. The sessions are shorter than with data-center IPs, but your identity is that of a real user and you can rest assure that the data you get is accurate.

Hola Writer

Dec 18, 2018 · 15 min read