About Hola

Our Project

We are building an overlay network which will change the way the Internet works. Our ultimate goal is to make the Internet 10 times faster!
For initial Hola users, the Internet will be fast. As more people use Hola, the web will be faster. Faster browsing, faster video, while the load on the core network will decrease.

Video demos of our product

These videos show a side-by-side comparison of Hola vs. non-Hola devices. They were shot in our labs with the beta version of Hola app.

The Hola Team

The best products in the world were developed not by large corporations, but by small great teams. Hola's team consists of the best developers we've ever worked with - most were previously CTOs, VP R&D and senior R&D managers. Each is a guru in his domain.

We are hiring developers!

  • We're innovative
  • We're doing something that matters
  • We're dealing with awesome technology
  • We aim to become a multi-billion dollar company
  • We have an in-house cook for good, healthy food
  • Stock options & good pay


In 1998, Derry and Ofer founded KRFTech - a software development tools company. With the profits from the company, they started up Jungo in 2000, and set out to develop the OS for home gateways (like an Android for home devices). In 2006 Jungo was acquired by NDS (Cisco) for $107M. It employed 170 people and was profitable. They then had a thesis that HTTP could be re-invented, thus making the Internet much much faster. They started up Hola with $18m from world class investors such as DFJ (Skype, Hotmail), Horizons (Mr. Li Ka-Shing's fund), Israel's Chief Scientist Fund, and others.


Ofer Vilenski, CEO


Derry Shribman, CTO

A video about our adventures