About Hola

Our vision

Hola was founded with the goal of dramatically improving the Internet’s infrastructure by building an overlay P2P network for HTTP. We are fundamentally changing markets with our network.
Ofer Vilenski
Derry Shribman


Prior to founding Hola, Derry and Ofer founded Jungo to develop the leading operating system for home routers. In 2006 Jungo was acquired by NDS (Cisco) for $107M. It employed 170 people and was profitable. They then had a thesis that HTTP could be re-invented to make the Internet much faster and more open. They started up Hola.

Main markets

Hola’s core technology is its Peer to Peer HTTP overlay network. With that technology Hola is already dominating two markets, and is now applying it to the $5b/yr CDN market.

Consumer VPN market

Hola’s VPN network enables consumers to browse the web privately, securely and freely, making the world wide web worldwide again.

Online business intelligence market

Hola’s business SAAS (Luminati.io) has disrupted the way businesses conduct brand monitoring (checking the prices of their products in various stores), self test (checking how their corporate site looks from multiple countries), anti ad fraud, etc.

Video CDN network

Hola is disrupting the $5B a year video CDN market by using its P2P overlay technologies to increase the quality of video served (faster load time & less buffering) while dramatically reducing the cost of delivery.

Our Team

Our company is growing fast with over 70 employees in multiple locations. We are always looking for the best talent! Take a look at our careers page.
Limor Kidron
Eran Rom
VP Business Operations
Ron Kol
Ariel Shulman


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